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  Suitong Machinery Co.,Ltd is located in an International Garden City with prosperous economy and beautiful scene, Zhangjiagang City. With such big cities sa Suzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou,Ningbo, and Shanghai around,which becomes the hinterland of them and enjoys very convenient transportations.

  Suitong Machinery is specialized in researching ,developing,and manufacturing of plastic machinery,which owns very advanced manufacturing equipments,strict inspection system for the finished machines,very professional technicians,and perfect after-sales services.Therefore,the clients profit can be surely guaranteed.The main products we recommend to you is that Single/Twin Screw Extruders,Sheets/Boards Extrusion line,Stationery plastic sheet production lines etc.The machines can make sheets/boards by such materials as XPS,PET,ABS,PMMA,PVC,PC,PP,PE etc.

  Under the change with each passing day of the science and technology,many kinds of materials of resin and new materials have been used more and more widely in our daily life.With the consuming of the material,many kinds of substandard products and waste products also arise.It has become the hot topic that how to protect the environment.how to use the resources better and how to make use of the waste products again.

  Zhangjiagang Sui Tong Machinery Co.,Ltd.positively absorbs the advanced technique of aboroad and sticks to the spirit of innovation.According to the domestic needs,SuiTong Machinery has researched and manufactured the plastics recycling and granunating production line which can be widely used in the processing of such materials,as PE,PP. It is only strong in common use but also convenient to operate.

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